Our History

Higher Ground Church of God in Christ was founded in June 2001. God began to move on the heart of Pastor Arlee Robinson, Jr. approximately two years prior to his retirement from the U.S. Army. God began dealing with his spirit and revealing where he wanted Pastor to make his home. At this time, Pastor was considering staying in Germany to continue serving as Pastor of his current congregation or return to the United States. This was a time of much prayer and consecration because a decision would have to be made.

As he began continuously searching for the place God would have for him, it appeared as if no doors would open for him. Unable to find a location to lease, Pastor decided to start the church in the family room of his home. In attendance of two Sunday services were First Lady Robinson, Regina Carter, Adrian and Rosemary Clayton, Diane Nelson, Jamaal Robinson and Aubrey Robinson.

Pastor continued his search, finding a location at 148 Valley Hill Road, Suite 1A in Riverdale Georgia. The congregation moved to this location on the first Sunday of July 2001. Much work needed to be done prior to the first service. Pastor and the brothers of the church laid carpet, tiles in the bathroom and eventually erected an office for the finance committee. The first chairs were donated from Midway Baptist, Pastor’s father’s church. The first podium was created from his youngest son’s keyboard stand and his own briefcase. In attendance at the first service in the new location were Regina Wynn, Adrian and Rosemary Clayton, Diane Nelson, Jackie and Jermaine Carter, Aubrey, Jamaal and Anthony Robinson, two visitors (Pastor’s brother-in-law and his fiancee), in addition to Pastor and First Lady Robinson. God allowed his presence to bear witness in this critical stage of the work.

The church remained at this location for four years. God continued to add to the membership as the church relocated to 514 Valley Hill Road, located in Riverdale, GA on July 10, 2005. While serving in Riverdale, God blessed our ministry to host a plethora of outreach events that enabled us to share the gospel within the community. The Lord continues to enlarge our territory and led Pastor Robinson to the town of Columbus, GA, where we opened a second location. We are now one church in two locations.  Our first service was conducted on May 6, 2007. As membership began to increase at our Riverdale location, Pastor Robinson realized the need for a larger facility to accommodate the growing ministry and one that was suitable to meet the needs of the community.

Pastor Robinson, along with the Higher Ground church family began seeking the Lord for guidance and instruction. After serving in the city of Riverdale for five years, God blessed our ministry with a new worship facility located in McDonough, Georgia. The first service was conducted on September 5, 2010. The Lord is doing great things for us and we are excited about the work he has assigned for us in this part of His vineyard. God has yet bared witness with His spirit as his work continues to grow. We continue to look forward to the fulfillment of the vision God has given the church. We are yet moving in the divine plan of God and seeking his will for us and we believe the best is yet to come!